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Advertising CNC Router

Engraving materials commonly used in Advertising CNC Router and their scope of application:
1. Commonly used engraving materials
Two-color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, MDF, ABS. 2. Not commonly used engraving materials
Metal materials (steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, etc., mainly used in the mold manufacturing industry), rubber, cowhide, stone, fireproof board, cardboard, aluminum-plastic board, copper-clad board, resin board and other composite materials, horns, bronze , steel stamp, rubber stamp, etc.
3. Applicable range
Badge, modeling, steel mold, engraving, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, signboards, sign making, hand boards, punching, printing factory die, advertising word cutting, engraving advertising light boxes, in the process of processing As the material and processing methods change, the working parameters of the tool are not the same, and should be adjusted appropriately.
The engraving machine should process the material according to the design use of the machine, and processing the unsuitable material for a long time is likely to cause the accuracy of the machine to decrease.
The Advertising CNC Router has the following characteristics:
1. High processing precision, low noise and long service life.
2. High-power constant-torque spindle, large bearing, high speed, large cutting capacity, and the motor is not easily damaged.
3. computer operating system, responsive, high stability, and easy to operate.
4. ordinary bed, not easy to deform, using a full welding process and vibration aging treatment, to ensure that the machine does not shake at high speed.
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