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ATC CNC Router

ATC CNC routers are widely used in furniture, wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer tables, mahjong tables, wooden speaker boxes, etc. due to their automatic tool change function. Two distinguishing features of our ATC CNC routers are that they do not loosely synchronize and have error correction capabilities that can be continuously monitored and corrected while the machine is running.We offer M25 and 1325 ATC CNC routers. The M25 cnc router uses a steel bed frame, a steel gantry and a vacuum gauge, and a 6.0 KW air-cooled spindle. The 1325 ATC CNC router features a vacuum gauge construction and a 5.5 KW HSD air cooled spindle.
Our woodworking CNC milling machine uses ATC (automatic tool changer), with unconditional routing and tool change speed, and unmatched precision at 0.001mm resolution. It is the best choice for furniture manufacturing, indoor and outdoor decoration, ideal for processing cabinet doors.
Advantages of the ATC system
As with manual woodworking machines, you can change the tool at any time to suit different working parts. For better finishing and faster turnaround times, you need a spiral drill with a different number of flutes. In other words, you need a plunge cut, a cut cut, an up cut and a cut down, and the list will continue. Not even mentioning the grooving, you can have so many grooved drill bits of different shapes there to complete a job in one pass.
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