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Optical fibre CNC machine tool equipment have achieved localization
May 04, 2017

In designed rendezvous Dalian Koyo technology engineering company of booth, domestic leading of new "fiber bus open full digital high-end NC device" attract has many both at home and abroad merchants of concern, this sets collection has more than 90 more than items patent of equipment not only will past NC machine "pulse type signal transmission" way upgrade for "fiber bus type transmission", also first achieved has hundred points hundred localization, has was included national technology major special results.

"It's like we established an information highway on the machine tool, and only in the case of high-speed flow of information, dynamic performance of the entire machine, precision, processing efficiency can be more better. "The official told reporters that the GM28 direct-drive double milling head covers 4 major national projects research results, there are more than more than 90 patents support. "The only high-end CNC, China imported 100,000 units each year, reaching 10 billion yuan. "He said, at present, this product has been developed mature, first to achieve hundred percent domestically.