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CNC cutting machine tool needs to promote enterprise upgrade
May 04, 2017

In 2010 so far, machine tool industry's sales growth over 40%, up cycle gateway to the industry. Growth characteristics of structural differentiation of every variety. Machining centers, lathes and other products showed explosive growth, while the growth rate of heavy machine tools 10%, rapid growth in the heavy end of the machine tool industry for many years. Grew faster than ordinary machine tools CNC cutting machine tool. In industrial upgrading and import substitution, the promotion of domestic CNC rate showed a rising trend by flame cutting, plasma cutting, as a representative of high-end CNC machine tool demand grew faster than overall industry growth. The main downstream industry boom declines. Auto and General machinery and raw materials industry maintained rapid recovery of, which will protect the needs of CNC cutting machine tool industry growth. High-end equipment manufacturing sector was included in one of the seven strategic emerging industries, and CNC cutting machine tool industry as the manufacturing of machine tools, will continue to benefit from the policy support.