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Homemade CNC Series high-speed growth in demand
May 04, 2017

NC machine is contemporary mechanical manufacturing of mainstream equipment, China of NC machine has experience has more than 30 years of ups and downs, with key technology of breakthrough and independent production capacity of formed, to 2010, China NC machine of production reached 236,000 Taiwan, consumption income over 6 billion dollars; to 2011, NC machine of production reached 257,100 Taiwan, hit history high; as June 2012, China NC machine industry completed sales output 267.3 billion yuan, Rose 41.7%. According to the CNC machine tool industry association predicted, in 2012, of domestic CNC machine tool exports would grow by about 30%.

From the product line, CNC gantry cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine sales volume decreased significantly compared to manual equipment sales in previous years, the difference is not very big.