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ATC 3D Wood CNC Router Prices
Jun 22, 2017


-Features & functions

  • Suitable for gravity machining

  • Welded structure with integral plate, forming one-time fashioning after aging process

  • Mobile mesa structure, improve the processing precision and vibration resistance of the machine

  • Aluminium alloy bar clamping mesa, optional vacuum adsorption

  • Material with different size can be conveniently and strongly absorbed and clamped

  • High flexible electric cable, guarantee toughness within the machine's repeated running in a long period

  • Mature macro system ensures a high-speed running, fine without sawtooth-wave, smooth bottom surface and clear outline


  • Advertising industry: cutting of acrylic and MDF, engraving of double-color boards, production of all kinds of advertising board and logo 

  • Furniture industry: cutting and carving of cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood, annatto furniture, antique furniture, all kinds of composite plates

  • Sheet metal processing industry: insulation, plastic chemical parts, PCB, compact grade laminate, resin, ABS, PP, PE and more

  • Arts and crafts industry: artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, organic glass, steel, aluminium and more

  • Decoration industry: graphics and words carving on folding screen, wave board, bamboo, marble, organic board, double-colour board and more


Product Features

1.Heavyduty thickwalled square tube lathe in good rigidity, is capable of large workload, maintaining solid shape and non-deformed.  

2.Highend CNC control system from Taiwan, achieves automated intelligent control on functions, such as work area protection, processing cross-border protection auto working speed. Off-line operation of multiple levels of 3d processing is capable.

3. Advanced document pre-processing functions ensures speed and accuracy of operation.

4.Control panel of 7’ Led, multipartition keyboard provide convenience and independence for user.  

5. Automatic tool changer saves time for manual tool changing to improve efficiency.

6. Servo system from Japan is the core of drive system, with a large torque and complete security system.

Technical Specification  




Working Area(X*Y*Z, mm)


Machine Structure

Square tube structure lathe bed and vacuum table

Tool Magazine

Line type,6 pcs

Hat type,6 pcs

Work Holding

By Vacuum

Overall Dimensions(mm)




Positioning accuracy(mm)




Idling Speed(mm/min)


Working Speed(mm/min)



6.0KW, water-cooling (0-24000rpm)

Available Tools(mm)


Working Voltage


Control System

Taiwan Syntec System

Commend Code

G Code*.u00*.mmg*.plt

Drive System

Japanese YASKAWA Servo System

Company Profile

Established in 2002,Jinan Hongye CNC Machine Co.,Ltd is a professinal manufacturer focusing on researching,producing and selling CNC machines of QL Brand with our independent intellectual property.

The continuously improving perfor mance of our machines wins great trust of our customers.our products are not only sold in Chinese dimestic market,but also exported to Europe,North and South America,Central and West Asia and other regions,It is our great pleasure hearing Mr,kumar,our Indian agent,says:your company is the best supplier for me!thank you!

Look forward to your enquiry on our  all kinds machines you can choose.

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