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CNC Wood Carving Machine/CNC Router Machine Price/CNC Wood Router
Jun 22, 2017

CNC Wood Carving Machine/CNC Router Machine Price/CNC Wood Router

Basic Info

Model NO.:QL-M25BType:Engraving Router
Spindle Layout:Spindle OverSpindle Number:Single-Spindle
Feed Mode:MechanicalControlling Mode:CNC
Certification:CE, ISOCustomized:Customized
Working Area:1300*2500*200mmSpindle:5.5kw Water Cooling Spindle
Motor:Leadshine Driver and Stepper MotorDrive Mechanism:Gear-Wheel on X,Y Axis, Z Ball Screw
Table Surface:T-Slot ExtrusionsFrame:Wholly Steel Structure
Operating Voltage:3phase 380V/220VOrigin:Jinan China

Application :
Wood working :Solid wave board process,door of cabinet,wooden door,artistic wooden door ,no- paint 
 door  ,avoid  wind,process  of the artistic  window,shoes cleaning  machine, the  cabinet of the playing 
machine and the board,mahjong table,computer table and the assistant process of the household effects 
Advertising:Advertising board,Label design,Acrylic cutting,model, of the multi material decoration products.
Model industry:It can engrave on the steal materials such as copper, aluminum ,iron etc and  non-mental 
materials such as man-made  marble  , sand,  plastic  board PVC  materials,  wood  board etc.
Other field:It can engrave many image, embossment,It is widely used in artistic industry.


QL-M25B is common type woodworking machine with high performance configuration. The request on several parts are even higher than of stone router, so that the engraving and cutting work on hard or thick materials could be done easily. Most working need on various materials can be met as a typical of multi-functional machines.

1.Square Tube lathe bed with more solid structure and strong stability because of low center of gravity.

2. DSP handheld control system, with U disk available and no need of computer, provides high independence and great convenience for operation.

3.Vacuum table in six districts can fix materials of different sizes effectively and easily and vacuum pump of strong adsorption increase the performance up to 30 m3/h.

4.High precision linear square tracks, with ball sliders in two arrays and four rows, makes large load bearing and stable running.
5.High power spindle with good rigidity not only demonstrates superior performance in woodworking application, is also propitious to engrave and cut on copper, aluminum, iron and other metals.





Working Area



Machine Structure

Square tube lathe bed, vacuum table

Work Holding

By vacuum

Overall Dimensions

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