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Domestic CNC Machine Tool Products Extends To Sets Of Composite Fields
Jun 22, 2017

China's CNC machine tool products have been extended to sets, compound fields: Czech machine tool plant delivery by 7 months for the Shanghai Maglev project, surrendering 4 CNC boring-milling machine for the main production line, is the outstanding representative of China's machine tool industry with complete equipment.

CNC lathe is also one of the CNC machine tools accounted for a large proportion, has produced more than 50 enterprises in China, Dalian machine tool group, Shenyang machine tool group, Jinan first machine tool plant, Baoji machine tool plant and cloud businesses all have production, variety complete, stable and reliable quality, and some have crossed the threshold of hundreds per month. CNC gear cutting machine also is one of the China machine tool product strengths, into a series of six-axis CNC gear hobbing machine, seven-axis five-linkage-worm grinding machines, six seven-axis linkage of spiral bevel gear grinding machine, are the last 3 years to enter mass production of advanced machine tools in the world of new products.