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Encountered Wood Carving Machine Platform Suction Is Not Enough
May 28, 2018

Carpenter's engraving machine is missing the way to handle suction

In the application of a carpenter's engraving machine, there may be a phenomenon that the suction table is not suctioned and the plate cannot be adsorbed. This is what causes it. What should be done? Today we introduce you to the carpenter engraving machine table surface adsorption method:

1. Is the motor line voltage normal?

2. Whether the water circulating pump has added less water and the motor is stuck to remove the rotation axis of the motor fan protection net;

3, filter blockage in vacuum pump;

4, table or pipeline leakage phenomenon repair;

5, positive rotation interchangeable motor, any two lines change the direction of the motor.

The carpenter's engraving machine uses vacuum to fix and fix the plate, not only can be fixed firmly, and it will not happen to move and displace the engraving. Moreover, relative to the splint, it can save the plate, engrave to the edge of the plate, and save time and labor.