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Factors Affecting The Quality Of Plasma Cutting Machine
May 25, 2017

Can cut a variety of complex shapes of the workpiece, and has a cutting speed, high efficiency, good cutting surface quality, cutting the size of precision, the workpiece heat deformation and other advantages. The cut parts can be welded and applied directly without mechanical processing. But the CNC plasma cutting machine is to use plasma arc cutting, compared with oxygen cutting. There are still some defects, mainly reflected in the cutting surface of the tilt, the finish is not good oxygen cutting. The main criteria for assessing the quality of CNC plasma cutting are: the inclination of the cutting surface, the depth of the cut, the number of slag. A high-quality cutting surface of the tilt should be below 30, cut the depth should be in the O. 15mm below, and slag less, easy to clear. In the voltage and current stability conditions, the factors affecting the quality of cutting in addition to the electrode, the nozzle itself, the quality of the main there are two reasons: First, cut the mouth height and stability; Second, cutting speed and working pressure match.

Cut the height of the plate from the plate when the use of arc pressure regulator to control, because of its dynamic positioning accuracy of up to ± 0.013 Shan, so to ensure that the tip and steel plate height remains unchanged, so the cutting surface of the tilt And uniform, and good finish. When the height of the cut mouth is adjusted by hand to the height of the steel plate. Cut steel plate should be flattened as much as possible to reduce the number of cutting torch. To ensure the stability of the torch cutting process. In this paper, the use of manual adjustment, the cutting heir from the plate height control in the 6 to 8

Mm, through a series of cutting test, described the cutting speed (dirty), working pressure (P) and the relationship between cutting quality.

Analysis and summary, obtained the different cutting power of different thickness of the best cutting parameters of steel. Which can provide reference for improving the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine.

CNC plasma cutting machine is a metal sheet cutting for the mechanical and electrical integration of advanced equipment, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and other industries have been widely used. There are many factors that affect the cutting quality of CNC plasma cutting machine, in addition to the design parameters of the cutting machine, but also with the operation control, cutting process and so on. In order to improve the quality of cutting, we carried out a comprehensive cutting test, according to the test data analysis and finishing, obtained CNC plasma cutting machine part of the best working parameters. Is described as follows:

2. Test method

Test equipment for the four different power of the air plasma cutting machine each one, each model of the electrode, the nozzle of the 6 sets. Will be four air plasma cutting machine torch, according to the order in the NC cutting machine in the cutting car. Each type of air plasma cutting machine must complete the whole process of all tests, that is, with different cutting speed, the use of different air pressure, the thickness of the 'A3 steel plate cutting (with tap water cooling). Cutting from low pressure to high pressure, from low speed to high speed step by step. The pressure is regulated by the filter control valve, and the cutting speed is controlled by the CNC cutting machine. The cut parts are 100 × 100 mm square parts.

When the cutting speed is too high, the air pressure is too low, the cutting surface of the tilt. This is because the speed is too fast, the arc column serious backward, the bottom half of the melting rate can not keep up. So the cut parts are small in size. The lower plane is large, especially when cutting right-angled parts. The bottom of the corner is cut into a circular arc rather than a right angle. If the cutting speed is too low, the pressure is too high is slag serious, easy to clean, poor finish. If the cutting speed is appropriate, the working pressure is too high, the arc column stiffness and smoothness are damaged, cutting capacity decreased. Cutting finish is poor. Therefore, cutting different thickness of the steel plate, the need to properly choose a different cutting power, cutting speed and working pressure, in order to get the best cutting effect.

According to the test results of four different power models, the optimal cutting parameters of cutting different thickness steel plates with different power cutting machine are obtained. According to these data we have some manufacturers in the practical application of cutting, the effect is very good, cutting quality greatly improved.