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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Does Not Light The Solution
Jun 20, 2017

In general, we check the fiber laser cutting machine is not the reason for the light, the usual reasons there are three, the following, we Han laser cutting machine to come for everyone to introduce a brief.

One, on the reasons for not light

Check the laser machine water circulation flow, see the outlet of the tube is the water, if the customer said a morning or more than two hours, then please check the customer first look at the outer layer of carbon dioxide laser whether there is water, If there is water, it is because the water temperature is too high and led to the laser tube fried.

If there is no water outside the laser tube, then we have to check the next laser power, laser power on a red button, click to see if the light, if the light, indicating that the water protection device may be fault, then we please The customer first check the water protection outlet is blocked, and then clean water protection, very good water rinse. At this time we should pay attention to pay attention to water protection of the inlet and outlet, can not be reversed, or will damage the laser tube. The second way is to short before the laser power on the PG (with a line to connect) but then pay attention to check the water cycle, water protection does not work, to avoid the laser tube or will be damaged. If you still do not light, it shows that the laser power is broken, find manufacturers to replace.

Second, on the use of the process of laser light more and more weak reasons

A, check the laser machine water cycle, if the water does not cycle please shut down after the power check to check whether the pump or chiller plug is good.

B, check the laser cutting machine ammeter is normal, if the normal may be the problem of laser tube, find manufacturers to replace or repair, if the ammeter is not normal laser power problem, find manufacturers to replace or repair.

Three, began to use all normal, the next day after the boot no light

A, check the laser cutting machine water cycle, whether the normal water

B, check the laser cutting machine ammeter, according to "light" to see whether the ammeter pointer played up, if it is below 5 mA, that is broken power, find manufacturers to replace or repair.

C, if the ammeter does not move, check our laser switch is not open, if open again look at the laser power indicator light is not bright, then press the laser power button on the button to see the current hand, such as the pointer And less than 5 mA, it is the laser power is broken, or the software in a considerable light intensity and quite a small light to 50%, and then see if the ammeter pointer to 10-12 mA, if not Laser power or motherboard problems.

If the power meter pointer indicates normal, check the laser tube for light, if the tube light, but the light is not out of the fiber laser cutting machine laser tube damage. Check the method is to take the tape attached to the first mirror on the point of light, look at the adhesive tape has been burned on the traces of light, if not that laser tube, find laser cutting machine manufacturers to replace.