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How Does Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Perform
Jun 20, 2017

First of all to give you a description of the fiber laser cutting machine processing principle: the laser emitted by the laser focused by the lens, at the focal point into a very small spot, in its focus at the workpiece by the high power density of the laser spot irradiation, Will produce more than 10000 ° C local high temperature, so that instantaneous vaporization of the workpiece, and then with the auxiliary cutting gas will vaporize the metal blown away, with the movement of CNC machine tools to achieve the purpose of cutting.

High temperature alloys because of its high hardness, high temperature, so the use of laser cutting will be difficult to ensure the guarantee accuracy, then, high-temperature aluminum alloy and general steel compared to the use of fiber laser cutting machine processing difficulties of the main performance:

1. Work hardening tends to be large. For example, GH4169 non-enhanced treatment of the matrix hardness of about HRC37, metal laser cutting machine after cutting the surface will produce about 0.03mm hardening layer, the hardness increased to about HRC47, hardening up to 27%. The work hardening phenomenon has a large effect on the oxidation tip taps life, usually with severe boundary wear.

2. Poor thermal conductivity of materials. A large amount of cutting heat generated by cutting the superalloy is carried by the oxidation tip cone. The cutting edge is subjected to a cutting temperature of up to 800 ° C to 1000 ° C. Under high temperature and large cutting force, the cutting edge will cause plastic deformation, adhesion and diffusion wear The

3. Large cutting force. The strength of the superalloy is 30% higher than that of the alloy steel commonly used in the steam turbine. The strength of the nickel-based superalloy is still higher than that of the ordinary alloy steel at the cutting temperature above 600 ℃. The alloying force of the non-reinforced treatment unit is above 4000N / mm2, while the ordinary alloy steel is only 2500N / mm2.

Nickel-based alloy is mainly composed of nickel and chromium, and also add a small amount of other elements: molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, tungsten and so on. It is worth noting that tantalum, niobium and tungsten are also used to make cemented carbide Steel) oxidation of the leading component of the tap, with these oxidation tip cone processing of high temperature alloy will produce diffusion wear and abrasive wear.

Fiber laser cutting machine industry looks promising, but with the same industry continues to increase, increasing the number of competitors, laser equipment market oversupply situation. Therefore, the development of laser equipment e-commerce does help traditional industrial enterprises to change the mode of production, a deeper level of development of another industrial market, but also to avoid the product backlog, the production of irregular and other issues. Because through the procurement site to find large buyers, generally through the purchase of large buyers to purchase demand for manufacturing, so that not only meet the needs of large buyers procurement standards, more enterprise suppliers to save money to develop core technology to improve product performance to do Out of protection to win more profit growth.