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How Fast Is The Stability Of The Laser Cutting Machine?
May 25, 2017

To observe the stability of a laser cutting machine is compliance, it depends on the composition of the components. General common parts of our laser cutting machine common components, including the host, rail, rack and pinion, ball screw and transmission mechanism and other components, the following we come to give you a look at the laser cutting machine parts are how to maintain its Stable.

The host consists of beams and two longitudinal end frames. The machine gantry is composed of the end frame and the beam, the beam is used in the rectangular square tube structure, the tempering to the internal stress, has a very high strength and rigidity, the beam can be installed above a number of mobile car. Horizontal mobile devices are towline. The mechanical part of the laser cutting machine is to achieve high-precision rack and pinion drive, the rail is made of high precision special import guide, from the precision machining of the sliding rail fastening in the bearing with concrete or steel frame, and with Adjust the bolts for installation and adjustment. The longitudinal drive system is mounted in the longitudinal end frame, and the low position design makes the drive more reasonable and smooth.

The longitudinal end of the laser cutting machine has two front and rear rolling wheels that can be smoothly rolled along the guide rails. The front and rear ends are equipped with a rail wiper to ensure that the surface of the guide rail is free of debris and the eccentric clamping Wheel, in order to ensure the precision of metal laser cutting machine, the machine in the horizontal drive, torch movements are added high-intensity linear guide, cross-drive or the use of high-precision grinding rails. The precision machining of the rack and pinion to ensure that the machine longitudinal and horizontal transmission accuracy and remove the gap.