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How To Extend The Service Life Of Plasma Cutting Machine Consumables
Jun 07, 2017

1. Ensure that the correct pressure and flow of plasma

The correct pressure and flow of the plasma is very important for the service life of the consumable parts. If the air pressure is too high, the electrode life will be greatly reduced; air pressure is too low, the nozzle life will be affected. Refer to the instruction manual of the plasma cutting machine when setting.

2. Use a reasonable cut distance

Cut the distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface distance, the distance as far as possible to maintain a constant, generally around 3-8MM, too far not only the power consumption is too large, cutting penetration will decline, and relatively more consumption of electrodes, so that the electrode Life is reduced; too close to that simpler, very expensive nozzle, the nozzle life will be doubled, and even installed to be burned; when perforated, try to use the normal distance of 2 times the distance or the use of plasma arc Can pass the maximum height.

3. The perforation thickness and the cutting thickness shall be within the permissible range of the machine system

The plasma cutting machine can not perforate the steel plate beyond the working thickness, and the usual perforation thickness is 1/2 of the normal cutting thickness. As far as possible in the plasma cutting machine rated cutting thickness of the normal range of cutting, as far as possible not to cut the thickness of the cutting thickness, the cutting speed of the domestic cutting machine is generally the manufacturer of the maximum cutting thickness of 60%, as far as possible in this thickness range cutting , Will be able to protect the best cut mouth.

4. Do not overload the nozzle

Let the nozzle overload (that is, more than the nozzle current), will make the nozzle soon damaged. The current strength should be 95% of the operating current of the nozzle. For example: 100A nozzle current intensity should be set to 95A.

5. Keep the plasma gas dry and clean

The plasma system requires a dry and clean plasma gas to function properly. Dirty gas is usually a gas compression system, it will shorten the life of the consumable parts, resulting in abnormal damage. The method of testing the quality of the gas is to set the torch in the test state, put a mirror below it, consume the gas inside the torch, if the water and mist in the mirror, you need to identify the original