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Plasma Cutting Machine Application Industry And Category
Jul 11, 2017

CNC plasma cutting has been widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, steel structure, automobile, pressure vessel and other industries, is gradually replacing the flame cutting in the cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, cutting, The dominant position of certain areas. Plasma cutting machine as a high-precision mechanical equipment, as well as cutting the accuracy of the product requirements, plasma cutting machine operation there are a lot of attention, the need for operator attention.

1 plasma cutting technology principle

Plasma cutting is a method of locally melting (and evaporating) the metal at the cut of the workpiece by the heat of the high temperature plasma arc and removing the molten metal by the momentum of the high speed plasma to form a cut.

2 plasma cutting and flame gas cutting comparison

Plasma cutting can only be effective in metals that can be used as conductors - low carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel are typical examples. When cutting low carbon steel, the operator will experience a higher speed, deeper cutting effect.

Flame gas is cut by burning high temperature cutting, or by oxidizing the cutting metal. Therefore, the scope of its application is limited to the type of steel which can be used to deal with the oxidation of ferrous metals. Any kind of metal such as aluminum, stainless steel will generate oxide constraints for further oxidation. This makes it impossible for traditional flame gas cutting to dispose of this type of material. Plasma cutting, and not resistant to oxidation treatment, it can effectively cut aluminum, steel, and some other conductive metal.

And different types of gases can be used in plasma cutting, most people now use compressed air for plasma cutting. Most of the villages can buy air compressors, so plasma cutting does not require combustible gases and compressed oxygen gases as operating gases.

When cutting a thick plate, plasma cutting is more expensive than flame gas cutting. Flame gas cutting does not require connecting power and compressed air, which is easier for some users to use. Flame gas cutting is faster than plasma cutting when cutting steel is thicker. But the plasma cutting machine in the cutting of thin sheet when the cutting speed is much faster than the flame cutting, and more efficient, better!

3 plasma cutting processing range

Plasma cutting is the ideal way to cut steel and non-ferrous metals with thickness less than 1 inch. Flame gas cutting requires the operator to carefully control the speed of cutting to adhere to oxidative disposal. Plasma cutting is more resilient in this respect. The use of plasma cutting in some areas is very poor, such as cutting metal sheet, which is impossible to achieve when using flame gas cutting. In contrast to mechanical cutting, plasma cutting is much faster and easier Non-linear cutting. Cutting aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metal materials is the strength of plasma cutting machine!