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Plasma Cutting Machine Performance Characteristics
Mar 01, 2018

CNC plasma cutting machine with easy-to-use CNC system, the use of high-temperature nozzles in the jet out of high-speed air ionization, thus forming the conductor. This gas forms a high temperature plasma arc as current passes. The heat from the arc locally melts (and evaporates) the metal at the workpiece cut and removes the molten metal by means of the high velocity plasma jet to create a cut. The slender and stable plasma arc formed by the annular gas flow technique ensures that any conductive metal can be cut smoothly and economically

1, advanced plasma dedicated CNC system, all off-line work, user-friendly operation

2, fast data transfer, using advanced USB interface full offline work, do not take up computer resources

3, a variety of software compatible

4, efficient worry-free operation, with power, breakpoint renewal, processing time prediction, automatic knife.