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Prospects For NC Machine Tool Industry In China And Its Significance
Jun 22, 2017

With the development of economy, trade and industry, but there are all kinds of common machine tools more than 4 million units, including 1/4 machines for more than 30 years of military age, these machines had no transformation value, be eliminated update, remaining at about 70% for NC machine tool can be. Renovation and updating of many ordinary machine tools, forming billions of updates on market demand, can play a role in maintaining economic growth. Therefore, Ai Made., NC engineering formed hundreds of millions of Yuan of industrial added value.

Improve the level of NC machine tool security

At present, in the machines used by the vast majority of common machine tools. General machine tools a huge number of security problems. Therefore, the security issue becomes an obstacle for their development. Increased security performance and raise safety levels, a lower degree of numerical control, personal injury accidents, the security level is low, productivity is not the problem.