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Router CNC for wood acrylic, double-color board, PVC, ABS board, stone, marble, metal
Jun 22, 2017

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Stone/Marble CNC router

  • JD guide screw series is our new model with whole steel structure

  • Double aging treatment for the machine body, brand-name motor driver, ensure the kinematic accuracy and the reliability

  • Performance:

    • Precision straight guide rail has pretension, good rigidity and high accuracy

    • Its life time can reach 2200 times longer than the ordinary track

    • Germany double screw nut with auto the ball guide screw

    • Grinding grade precision ball guide screw has pretension and high accuracy

    • Interface adopts international standard G code instructions which is compatible with domestic and foreign engraving software and is easily and conveniently operated

    • It can manufacture fancy embossment, shadow engrave and 3D arts

    • X-axis adopts the dustproof structure

    • It ensures the long-time running function of the machine and this is a great change than the primary machine

    • Performance in continuing engraving after point breaks and blade breaks

    • Hold more than 9 points

    • Engrave at discretion

    • High power frequency water-cooling main spindle can cut into 20-30mm organic glass for one time

  • Field of application:

    • Advertising industry, seal industry, craft and gift, art mold, wood working, mold and more applicable material including on acrylic, double-color board, PVC, ABS board, stone, imitation stone, metal, aluminum mold and more

    • Woodwork industry: sewing machine table, machine cabinet panel, sporting equipment, wooden door and more

    • Advertising industry: engrave and cut various signboards, marble, copper, character mold, font, and various metal sign, brand

    • Craft and gift industry: engrave various word or graph on the souvenir and handicraft, ironwork engraving, dials

    • Mold industry: architecture, gilt membrane, electric machinery, high frequency mold, molding on shoes, badge, embossed mold, biscuit, candy, chocolate mold

    • Stamp industry: it is easy and convenient to seal on various materials such as ox horn, plastic, organic board, wood

Machine Model


X.Y working area


Z working area




Max. Speed


Max. working speed


Working delicacy


Repositioning accuracy



G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt

Surroundings for software


Power (spindle is not included)


Working voltage


Spindle power


Spindle rotating speed


Drive motor



1>imported linear square rails, dual four slider,  loading capacity, smooth operation and high precision, long life, under  the knife precision. 
2> The Stone CNC Router Machine seamless  welded steel structure, rigid Haobu deformation, table back lining  plate, the rigid strength, and machine loading capacity can be 
3>constant power spindle motor, cutting intensity, high efficiency. 
4>software compatibility, and compatible with Typ3/Artcam/Castmate / Wentai, and other CAD / CAM design software 
5>two-way tool cooling system, effectively raising tool life

Granite, marble, Qingshi, sandstone, and other stone carvings
Granite and other hard stone carving to be at level 5 mm
Marble, Qingshi, can be a sculpture to 5 mm


Standard Configurations


Square Tube Lathe Bed with water tank

DSP Control system

X Y with racks, all with square guides and dust cover 

Axis Y with two motors


3.0 KW Spindle and Transducer

Large Leadshine driver

Auto Lubrication System

Max. speed 30-40m/min

Why choose us?
<1>. Adhere to the service tenet of customer first, the product quality as our life, the customer's source is the enterprise's wealth.
<2>. Excellent machine with high ratio of price, quality and performance, which could bring continuous profit to your business.
<3>. Credit and professional manufacturer with over 10 years history, mature advanced technology and humanization management.
<4>. Rigorous and strict quality control and inspection, to make sure each machine in best working condition before delivery.
<5>. Quick and convenient One-stop services, which will save the clients' trouble.
<6>. Perfect after-sales service system:   
    >>The engineers are available for being dispatched overseas for installation, commissioning or even after sales service.  
    >>Remote professional technical support is available around the clock, by phone or online instant messenger softwares, such as skype, MSN, whatsApp etc..  
    >>Free training is available in our factory, to teach you how to properly use the machine or even the software.  
    >>Spare parts could be supplied in the whole life of the machine, which is free in warranty time.

Look forward to your enquiry on our  all kinds machines you can choose.

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