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Stone Carving Machine Notes
May 31, 2018

Because the hardness of the processed data is more than five, there are some special issues that need to be paid attention to in the stone engraving machine. When wiring, strictly follow the input voltage marked by the machine, if the wrong circuit maintenance switch will take the initiative to jump off, it should be promptly removed. To strictly operate in accordance with the instructions for use of the machine, untrained personnel to stop the operation of the machine, the novice to operate the machine is best to have the master next call. After powering on the machine for a period of time, XYZ will run in all three directions to see if the machine is abnormal. It is forbidden to machine workpieces that exceed the size of the machine. Gloves should not be used to touch the spindle tool while the machine is running. Because of the acidity and alkalinity of stone dust, after finishing the work on the day, the table and rails were sorted in time, and the rails and transmissions were regularly lubricated.