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The Maintenance Of The Plasma Cutting Machine
Aug 18, 2017

1. Assemble the torch correctly

Properly and carefully install the torch to ensure that all parts are well fitted to ensure the flow of gas and cooling air. Installation Place all parts on a clean flannel to prevent dirt from sticking to the parts. In the O-ring with the appropriate lubricants to O-ring bright as the prevailing, not more.

2. Consumables should be replaced before they are completely damaged

Do not replace the consumable parts with complete damage, because severely worn electrodes, nozzles and vortex rings will produce uncontrollable plasma arcs that can cause serious damage to the torch. So when the first time to find the quality of cutting down, it should promptly check the consumable.

3. Clean the connection thread of the torch

In the replacement of consumables or routine maintenance inspection, be sure to ensure that the torch, external thread clean, if necessary, should be cleaned or repair connection thread.