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What Are The Main Types Of Plasma Cutting Machine Arc
Jun 07, 2017

CNC cutting machine development and application is to improve the efficiency of the machining enterprises faster, and the traditional flame cutting method due to the existence of single cutting materials, in the daily use of the existence of great inconvenience, with stainless steel, aluminum, etc. A wide range of materials widely used, the development of plasma cutting technology is very necessary.

Plasma cutting machine arc driving methods are mainly high-frequency arc and high-voltage arc in two ways, the general domestic plasma cutting machine are basically using high-frequency arc, plasma cutting machine in the small power manual cutting is basically used Is the contact cutting (low power refers to the output current of 100A the following plasma), that is, cutting torch close to the workpiece on the arc cutting, the model in 100A or more (that is, the output current of 100A or more, including 100A) plasma cutting machine is used Non-contact cutting, that is, cutting teeth from the workpiece 5 ~ 8mm cutting, and contact cutting in the arc when the outside of the high-frequency interference than the non-contact cutting small.

Inverting plasma due to the technical constraints that are parts, are basically 100A or less (including 100A) plasma-based, of course, some manufacturers produce inverter 120A, 160A plasma, but in fact the actual use of the process This is still very immature, there are many problems, so the general to 100A the following inverter-based cutting machine, mainly 40A, 60A (63A), there are a small amount of 20A, 80A, these small power Of the plasma in addition to a small number of custom models are basically outside the contact arc cutting, and 100A and above the inverter plasma are used in non-contact cutting (experts do not find fault, here are high-grade cutting, Low-grade cutting is also used in contact cutting, but the output current is below 100A), for the outside of the high-frequency interference is large, so not some of the inverter plasma is not high-frequency arc, but the external interference is slightly smaller.