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What Is The CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Jul 01, 2017

CNC plasma cutting machine at first glance to hear such a name, we must think it is very magical, the following professional CNC cutting machine manufacturers to take us to see what kind of equipment it is.

Plasma cutting machine at work, will use a special pipe, this small pipe can be used to transport like nitrogen, argon or oxygen compressed gas, the magic of the pipeline inside the installation of a negative electrode, after the negative electrode power , The nozzle mouth contact with the metal, it will form a conduction circuit, the electrode and metal reaction to produce high energy EDM. The inert gas flows through the pipe, and the spark will heat the gas until the gas reaches the fourth state of the substance. In this process will produce a beam of plasma flow, the temperature up to about 16,649 degrees Celsius, the flow rate of up to 6,096 m / s, the metal quickly into slag.

The plasma itself will flow through some current, so it has a good connectivity, the electrode in the uninterrupted power supply process, the ion and metal has been in contact with the cycle of the arc is continuous, in order to ensure the normal contact at the same time , But also the oxidation and other plasma is still unknown characteristics caused by damage, the need to install the nozzle part of the nozzle installed in another group of pipes, the role of this group of pipes is a continuous radiation protection of the gas, to protect the cutting area. As a common tool for modern industry, plasma cutting machine have been used in large-scale customization in the field of automotive workshops, and the effects of customization of chassis and bodywork in car manufacturers can not be underestimated. Construction companies also use it on large-scale large-scale projects, mainly for cutting and manufacturing large beams and sheet metal parts. In the field of life is often used, such as going out to forget the key, unlock the master will use a plasma cutting machine to carry out the drilling of the safety zone.