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Wood CNC Router

CNC engraving machine is also called CNC engraving machine, which is a precision numerical control equipment.
With the development of the engraving industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for engraving machine manufacturers. The market segmentation of the engraving industry has become increasingly mature. CNC engraving meets the needs of large-scale production, and the operation interface is also more concise.
Wood CNC Router is mainly divided into three control modes: First, all calculation work is completed by computer control. When the engraving machine is working, the computer is in working state, and other typesetting work cannot be performed, which may result in waste due to misoperation of the computer; The second is the use of single-chip control, the engraving machine can be typeset at the same time, but can not turn off the computer, can reduce the waste caused by computer misuse; the third is to use the USB port to transfer data, the system has more than 32M of memory capacity, save the file Can be completely off the computer, turn off the computer or perform other typesetting, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
Wood CNC Routers are mainly used for wood processing, crystal, copper, aluminum, etc. Make it more beautiful. There are many types of woodworking engraving machines, and there are many brands, which leads to uneven prices. Styles can be customized according to customer needs.
Application areas:
1) Woodworking industry: three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft window processing, shoe-shoes, game consoles and panels, mahjong tables, computer tables and panel furniture products Auxiliary processing.
2) Advertising industry: the production of advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, and a variety of materials advertising decorative products.
3) Mold industry: It can engrave metal molds such as copper, aluminum and iron, as well as non-metal molds such as artificial marble, sandstone, plastic board, PVC pipe and wood board.
4) Other industries: It can engrave all kinds of large reliefs and shadow carvings, which are widely used in the craft gift industry.
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